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Welcome to Ralph & Julie's online photo albums.

Honeymoon - Sept 2000 - Italy These photos are from our honeymoon in Italy. All of the pictures were taken with either cheap point-n-shoot or disposable 35mm cameras from which the negatives (or prints) were later scanned. The trip: We flew into Rome and spent a couple of nights in the city. We then headed north-east through the Umbrian countryside stopping at the little towns of Orvietto, Todi and Assisi. We stopped in Revenna for the night before continuing north to Venice. We spent two nights in Venice, then headed west through Tuscany. We had to stop in Pisa to see the famous leaning tower and ended up stopping for the night in San Gimignano - a small medieval walled city with many towers. The next day we continued on to Florence - city of many museums. We stayed in Florence for two more nights before heading south back to Rome for a final night before heading home. As most of trips since this one, the pace was probably a bit too fast. We were moving at full speed morning to night trying to cram everything there was to see into the brief time we had in each city. Even though at the time it seemed like we had taken a large number of pictures, putting this album together made me realize that there were some cities we stopped in (such as Revenna and Siena) that we don't have any pictures of. I Guess we'll just have to go back with the digital cameras!