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The trip from Ushuaia to the Falkland Islands took a little over a day. We had a full day at sea and woke on the second day near West Point Island. We had a shore excursion in the morning (our first penguins!), then the ship moved to Saunders Island where we had an afternoon excursion (more penguins!). Day two in the Falklands was spent at the capital, Stanley. This was the day we were told that our ship was basically not sea-worthy (it had a damaged stabilizer) and the repair folks who were supposed to fix it had not yet arrived. So we ended up spending a second day in Stanley as well. The second day we were offered a couple of extra excursions. I went on a hike to Mt William, Julie went on a shorter hike to some battlefields of the 1982 Falkland War, and we both went on a bus trip to Gypsy Cove. The ship was made safe and we departed for South Georgia only a day behind schedule.