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Saturday, Mary 19th, 2012 Over night we crossed the Equator on the way to Genovesa (Tower) Island, and received a certificate stating that we were now recognized as baptized ‘Galapagos Shellbacks’. In the morning we had a long walk on Darwin Bay beach trial on the island, where we walked among red footed boobies and nazcas boobies, baby birds of all kinds, herons, and the great frigate bird with full red inflated pouches displayed. Later that morning we had a snorkel, which unfortunately was more murky than our other snorkel trips, so we didn’t see as much. In the afternoon we took off of for the Prince Phillip Steps hike. We saw a great number of great frigates, and red-footed and Nazca boobies, and many baby and immature birds. We got a good look at a short eared owl preying on the thousands of storm petrels in the area.